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My name is Kristen Heller. I've built a financial services business proudly under the Planning for Good umbrella.  This wonderful partnership allows me to provide the personalization of owning a financial practice with the infrastructure and support of a trustworthy and transparent company to support my clients at the highest level. 

I understand on both a personal and professional level the moving parts of financial life.  Whether it was shoe shopping in my 20's, daycare budgeting in my 30's, or comprehensive employee stock plans throughout my married life, I have grown a passion for finance and enjoy helping others navigate a path through the woods of this subject. 

Today I proudly sit in the consultant seat and my practice is built on providing understanding and knowledge for all my clients as well as leading them on a path towards financial freedom.  My goal for every client is to not only meet but exceed their expectations.  A step forward today can have a lasting impact on your tomorrow and if I can help you walk a path in your finances that mirrors your values in sustainability, as well as social and economic changes, we can make a difference for everyone.

As much as I love my clients, it's equally important to me to connect with my peers.  This allows me to stay well-versed in the current standards as well as recognize industry standards.  I've been part of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) since 2019 where I have met an amazing assortment of advisors and resources.  I've created mastermind groups of advisors across the US to meet and learn from each other both as women in finance and as advisors who specialize in Sustainable Responsible Impact (SRI) investing also known as ESG Investing.  I currently sit on the FPA National PR committee for NextGen advisors with a focus on creating opportunities for advisors in the early part of their careers. Additionally, I have completed 3 out of 6 modules towards my CFP (Certified Financial Professional) designation.  I am currently enrolled in my 4th module and expect to sit for my test in the fourth quarter of 2022.