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My Team

My first priority is you.  While it may seem I'm working alone, rest assured I have a team of experts backing me up and supporting your progress. 

Meet My Team

The Planning for Good team is a fully independent financial services firm with a team specializing in financial planning for busy professionals and the LGTBQ community.   

This wonderful partnership allows me to provide the personalization of owning a private financial practice with the infrastructure and support of a trustworthy and transparent firm to support my clients at the highest level.  

I am part of the Planning for Good team.  They are my colleagues and friends as well as my contingency plan.  If ever I become unable to take care of your accounts, know that you are in good hands at Planning for Good.

Business Infrastructure Partner

Bartlett Wealth Management

The team at Bartlett Wealth Management is a fully independent financial services office, that provides compliance oversight and back-office support to other independent financial service practices. This is our industry's way of insuring that important legal requirements are met and ensure processes are in place to protect the privacy and interests of my clients.  

Local Compliance Team

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Cambridge Investment Research

Since I offer clients investment services and financial planning advice, I am required to partner with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and/or a broker-dealer to process business and receive compensation. 

I chose Cambridge, because they have no proprietary products (i.e.: mutual funds, annuities, insurance, bank products, etc.) that other hybrid/dually registered RIAs might. This helps me, as your advisor,  keep my fiduciary duty to you; that is, to "act in the best interest of the client at all times when providing financial advice."

Cambridge ensures everyone is properly licensed, reviews background checks, and help me provide all legally required disclosures.

National Oversight